springbreak is over

i finished my paper, i started off early in the morning around 8 and after a breakfast and lunch break i finished by 2pm. 🙂 im pretty pleased right now. tomorrow im going to proof read it, should take me 2 hours. not that bad. 

i spent the rest of the day getting info on berkeley housing. i dont think i want to dorm anymore. actually im positive i dont want to dorm anymore so i started looking into different resources i could look into that would help me find a good apartment. and i started to look at campus pics, things like that. 

i was considering going to ucla (my dream school) but the only reason i didnt was because i figured berkeley was a better choice school for what i am planning on getting my masters in. my parents are sweet, they support me financially and emotionally. i definitely dont deserve such great people as parents. 

anyway after i spent a couple of hours browsing the web on Berkeley campus/financials i worked on my speech outline and im almost completely finished. 🙂 happy about that.

then i spent some “quality time” with my parents in the kitchen cooking up some family recipe for a special kind of french soup. but i was happy because mom made mac n cheese, my favorite. 

one of the things that does irritate me about being back home however, is that my parents want to treat me like im still a teenager in highschool. ill have you know im 21! that may not be 31, but im not a high school kid, yet my parents can be over protective and tend to “baby me” a lot. its annoying as fuck. 

im also happy springbreak is over. i only have 5 more weeks of school left and im graduating and gone! 😀 i cant believe how fast time flew by. i still feel like a freshman thinking college was going to be nothing but parties and fun time with brief periods of lectures and studying. hahahahaha delusional. im kind of sad, i dont want to graduate because then i will have to be an adult. well i guess i get 2 more years of college when i move to berkeley but i bet those 2 years will also fly by. i hate getting old.


anyway…im bored. i think ill go read a book or something. gnj

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