Support system failure.

When your support system at works fails it’s time to leave. A few of us been having trouble with another worker for the past year. She thinks she’s a boss because she was at a previous job. She watches everyone’s move,has others daily schedules . She said my whole department needs to be fucking  fired. A fellow co worker heard her say. She goes to our boss to make a complaint. FAILURE! The boss praised this woman. Saying she is a good worker,over and over and you’ll get this anywhere you work. No. Not true. My uncle was fired for being alone in a room and cursing softly to himself.  She asked why this girl has everyone’s daily schedule when she has nothing to do with our department? His response., we can’t discuss that right now. WTF? He said his door was always open apparently not. This girl has him wrapped around her little finger. 3 people quit since she started here and she was the reason and she is still here. Way to go Support system . I feel really appreciative. 

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