259.4 – Same

I’ve read that exercise causes stalls: my weight is steady as a rock! It’s kind of cool to see, and I am not at all frustrated that the scale isn’t moving. I can feel my body changing, and I know that this process is going to take time, and that’s fine. My body will do what it will do, for however long it needs to do it, and I will just keep exercising regularly and staying on plan.

Getting ready for the par-tay this morning! My older sister is starting her LCHF journey today (“full throttle”, she called it) and she picked today because she knew I would have lots of LCHF options available. Woohoo! Dang, like the whole family’s doing it now, which is amazing.

B: Warrior coffee
L: Party food! Crack casserole, guac, berries
D: Nothing, I will probably be very full

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