About President Trump

Im not holding back. I voted for trump. I wore my MAGA hat & shirt proudly. I voted for him 50% because the other option was hillary clinton and 50% because voting for trump was like throwing a grenade into the government and saying “fuck you all for 8 years of obama’s bullshit and lies”. 

Trump is a fucking traitor. He wasn’t suppose to go against Assad, Assad is necessary evil with the balls to do what he needs to do to get rid of Isis. What does Trump do? He bombs Assad, helping the FSU and ISIS subsequently, and antagonizing the fuck out of Russia. Meanwhile, he claimed he was going to “drain the swamp” yet he’s got globalists all around him now. He’s turning his back on Bannon. Not only will Trump NOT deliver on his promise of locking that cunt Hillary up, but he will eventually (I’m predicting) have her as a part of his team. And he’s going to say, more or less, that its necessary to bring Clinton on as a way to “unite all Americans” or some bullshit like that. The wall will probably not even happen, and if it does it will only be to create a middle ground for his bullshit lies and unfulfilled promises. The wall will only be a ruse to give Trump some sort of ‘credit’ for keeping his promises. Christ, I haven’t regretted voting for a president since I voted for Obama. And of course, Bannon will go, Trump will replace him with Kushner and then we will have someone worse than Clinton at the table. Worse in the sense of unqualified, jew zog mole, and a trust fund baby who couldn’t get into Harvard without daddy donating a building; says all we will need to know what the next 4 years will be like.

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