New Hobby

Day 3

So I’ve decided I’m going to stick to this whole journal thing, in fact I already feel like it’s helping me out having a place to express myself. And gosh darn-it i even got some nice comments too, which kind of put things into perspective for me. Now I realize that other people have/have had these sort of problems and they’ve gotten through it, so why wouldn’t I be able to. 

Now I don’t know what the primary country this website is for (probably U.S due to the spelling corrections) but here in Australia we are starting our Easter holidays, and I’m going to spend (try to remember to spend) time writing here every day, because it’s actually pretty fun. 

Of course with the holidays beginning comes the thoughts of “no one is going to invite me to anything” which are fun, but that could come down to them just not doing anything over the entire holidays… again. So I’ve decided to start following some interests of mine, namely film and special effects. 

Turns out being interested in film while you have crippling self image and confidence issues can make it quite daunting at the start, but I want to try and move past those thoughts and just have some fun making something. So my goal for the entire holidays is to just make something fun, and show it to people, hopefully I can actually get it out there instead of curling up in a ball thinking it sucks. Fuck it I’ll try.

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