Day 8 – 30 Days of Kindness

Today was a busy exhausting fun windy day. I have been on the move since early this morning and finally just sat down to relax.  It was a great day full of friends, family, shopping, punching, kicking (exercise), yummy food and a great glass of wine.  

I didn’t think much about kindness for most of the day, but it was all around me.  People held doors, smiled, chatted in the stores; it seemed like a happy day.

I showed kindness to a man in Rona with his two young children.  Just as we were arriving he was leaving and the wind was so fierce he told the girls to wait in the store alone while he went to get his truck.  I stopped and asked if he wanted us to wait with them.  He was so happy we stayed.  There were just little girls and I didn’t want them standing there all alone.  I was glad we were able to help. 

I am super exhausted, my body is sore and my brain is sleepy.  😴


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