I’m sad since yesterday,I don’t know why…I’m too young but my classfellow just got married and cousin who is my age fellow is married…

Someone told me I’ll get married in late 20’s..I feel strange and bad

I have never had any boyfriend..I’m not engaged into anything.

I feel lonely. I am feeling lonely since yesterday. I have good friends and family  but I still feel lonely,idk why. I don’t share anything w anyone. I just stay in my bubble. Someone told me the thing about my marriage today. So,its making me feel lonlier now.

I might not feel like this if I had not already been feeling lonely. I am different and weird I think.

I even like this boy,he is too beautiful and good. I don’t think he will ever consider me ever. It not that I’m not good looking but the girls he had around him are way prettier and taller than I am. I am neither that pretty or amusing for that matter. He is 6’2 and I’m 5’4,too short for him. He is also richer than us. So,I don’t even try.

Well, SIGH for me.

I am lonely and single AF. I have no one. 

I feel soo lonely. SO MUCH since yesterday. I hope God give me patience til I get married.

I am also sad for Syria. My heart can’t take the dying faces of little children. I am surely gonna get get nightmares now where I’m running away from army to save my life and there are blasts and I’m running and finding shelter and my family,where I’m trying to save myself from brutal army. 

Dreams are cages,you can’t even escape,torture cells sometimes.

I don’t know why I’m like this. And that friend of mine is still not. Talking properly with me and I miss him and I won’t talk to him because I’m too stubborn to initiate a conversation when he seems disinterested. I hate life ATM . but still I have a lot to be thankful for in life right? Yes. I am lucky enough to have parents,shelter and safety and good education and good food and so many other thing I can’t even count. Alhumdulillah for everything I have.

Gonna go,bye



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