The perfect world

               The perfect world.

Today the day in which society will be destroy by my letters. This proposing a self acceptance plan and an open mind back treatment. Humanity has submerged itself in the needs for artificial appearance and the needs for easy connection to three quarter of people who will hate back and a quarter who would not respond.

I will be known as the bore made of fucker who do not has life but the truth I would rather have no life then living surrounded by people who is smart enough to notice what is going on but would not do shit. Living surrounded by ignorant people who think they would not survive without a fucking cellphone. For these I have a solution. But it is not my own I guess I’m just contributing with our own community. My plan consist of sending everyone to hell. I mean, we have nuclear weapons which I believe were made for a reason. Shit, I forgot that those were made for protection against bad people. But fuck it we know that those bombs ain’t protecting shit, it is not like we will send a bomb and bad people will start dying that will be fun to watch. Just imagine seen the people you hate the most just randomly dying tell me you would not enjoy it. I mean that is what we have come to “ people I like are good but, I just like people who help me, people who I will have a benefit from”. Anyways back to the killing people with bombs and shit. You will know that this is not new, we tried two times already but during that time there was not a weapon powerful enough to kill everyone. What I’m really mad about is that other people leaked a fraction of my plan and started doing random shit setting bombs around the world and that is not how it works is we are dying it needs to be all of us. So let’s kill each other, again this would not be new. Killing happens all the time but the only difference is that this time it will make sense because it will have a fucking reason. It will be to eliminate everything what we have created. I will bet that the people who read this will be like” omg he is so disrespectful, he is not a human, he is out his mind”. To that I will respond I’m not disrespectful I have the freedom to speak and let my thoughts to be heard, I am a human even if by now being a human has no meaning, and I’m not out my mind otherwise I will would never be capable to came up with this plan. I was forgetting that there is kids but if we think about it from where we are at the time this shit is going down by the time those kids get into adulthood it would not matter those damn bombs would still be there. I mean instead of making them the shit we have created we mind just have then die with as. This is plan A lets all fucking die.

Plan B coming soon…..

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