What a ballsy thing to say.

It’s I the jerk, the guy who has no compassion for others. Those aren’t my words, they’re what a friend of mom’s decided to call me on Facebook. She also called me disgusting and a handful of other things I rather not repeat. 

Yesterday was mom’s birthday, and I took a good half hour alone to cry. Sometimes sitting alone and crying helps ease the pain. Gia sent me some photos she had of the family on Facebook, the photos of mom were beautiful. Her olive complexion and her jet black hair was what made mom beautiful, and what I inherited from her, it’s no doubt that I am her son. 

While I was on Facebook, one of mom’s ‘friends’ messaged me to see how I was holding up on mom’s birthday. She then asked me about my personal life, the typical questions, like if I was married, if I had kids and so forth. She then proceeded to ask me how I met Lilly, and I told my mom’s friend the whole story. I told my mom’s friend that I met Lilly at mom’s funeral, because she had some strange compulsion, to go to with her Romani aunt to a funeral. Lilly, my family and I all say it was mom’s spirit guiding us together.

Mom’s friend didn’t see what I said as funny or cute, and said that falling for someone while I was mourning, and calling it some gift from my mom was the most digusting thing that she ever heard and that I disrespected my mom.  

I’m fine for being judged. I’m a gypsy, and a hippie people hate gypsies and hippies. I’ve been beat up and bullied when I was younger. I get nasty looks when I’m out with all my kids, or I get judged because I have tattoos and long hair. I’m cool with all of that. Really I am. But someone to tell me I’m disrespecting my mom, it’s a kick to my gut. 

I normally don’t let what people say get to me, but this lady hit a raw nerve. Losing my mom was really tough for me. Lilly helped me deal with my pain, while this friend wasn’t even at mom’s funeral. 

Give or take meeting your wife at your mom’s funeral is extremely weird. I for one have no clue how to explain this to the children if they ever ask how we met. I’ll always thank my mom for sending me someone like Lilly to help me through life, and to love me. 

In the end I blocked my mom’s friend, per Elena and Gia’s request, they both agreed that the crazy woman was out of line.  I don’t care what people say about me, but if it has to with my family, I will not stand for it. My family and my friends are all that I have. I would do anything I can for them.

One thought on “What a ballsy thing to say.”

  1. Mainly because she’s typical gadji (non gypsy) so she has zero clue what’s going on, and she wasn’t there. She was doing whatever it is that she does, according to my father he has no clue who this chick is either

    I’m not so sure about the wedding aftera funeral part but, to be sure that the dead’s spirit’s wishes were attended to so they don’t haunt someone in their afterlife. So with that said, if I trusted my instincts correctly I’m not going to bothered by my mom any time soon 😉

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