Day 408 – Woman’s show

Saturday, April 8th 2017

Today was exhausting, but fun.

I woke up a bit earlier to go to the woman’s show, where there’s free stuff, booths with free samples, and things that women would be interested in, or the majority. We found a pair of electric blue and black leggings with flowers and patterns on them. We also met up with some people that my parents knew from our old church, and that I was too little to remember. We also ran into two colleagues of my mom’s. 

We went looking around and shopping while I was slowly starting to feel tired and weak. I was already exhausted and my mind was out of it since we were in a big crowd of a lot of people, trying to push through to see the booths. Being in big crowds like that feels a bit suffocating at first, then everything just seems far away until I find something to focus on. 

I ate sushi for lunch, but it was mall sushi, so it didn’t taste great.

We found a dress I really liked, but for the material, it was overpriced. We decided not to get it, since we wouldn’t pay 200$ on a dress we can easily get for 1/4 of the price somewhere else, and attempted to find one, but at that point, we were walking for five hours, I had a headache, my back hurt and my shoulder hurt from the bag full of free stuff we were carrying, so we decided to leave. At home I just lied down on my bed and didn’t move until I went to say bye to my grandmother. I then ate supper and tried played with the owners, but had internet problems, then went to watch Doctor Who, the first episode of Peter Capaldi’s season. I watched the first few before, but my dad didn’t remember, so we’re watching it again. We have a month or so to watch all of them. At least it’s right on time for Comic Con, since he’s gonna be there!

That’s all for today.

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