I really, really don’t like her

I know she’s my blood but I can’t consider her family when she’s always looking for a way to hurt me. It’s been 2 years since I returned to my country and I still don’t understand what reasons she haves to hate me this much, is like she’s venting all her anger and frustrations on me. Maybe the decision of staying with grandma is my biggest sin getting in the way of whatever plans she had or is it because grandma wants to stay with me instead of moving with her? I am like a daughter to my grandma cause I was raised by her, but why that makes her jealous? 

At first, I would spend my days crying because of this I couldn’t figure out why she became a monster to me trying so hard to harm my reputation. Looking her eyes full of hate was terrifying mostly cause I didn’t see it coming, I won’t lie it still hurts and sometimes I wish karma would come and do her work on her but I know that’s not a good wish and ultimately God is at the top of every person that wants to hurt me. 


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