Your Mom and Praying for Answers

Why is it so hard for me not to think of you and those memories that lay repressed for so long? I believe you now. I believe this is real. That scares me. How crazy must I be to believe in such a delusional fantasy, we’ll just call it the prophecy.

Your mom hasn’t shown up with anything new in a few days. I start to wonder if I imagined her. But if I did how could I know where the ring is? All the rest could be things you told me but I forgot. Then there’s other things I can’t explain. Like goldfish and milk. 

I’m not sure how to proceed. God’s voice is becoming hard for me to hear and I know I am doing things wrong, but it is hard to do this alone. I wish I had you. Now that I know who you really are. Now that I can understand you. I wish I had you, friend, to pray with me. You always heard more clearly. And I thought of things you didn’t.

Your mom was visiting me daily for a while as the memories returned. She kept telling me things. I know they must be important. She was insistant that I tell you about the ring. Wouldn’t let me rest until I did. The rest… Most of it seems like she’s giving me answers to a quiz. But I’m worried I may have already missed the test.

I don’t want to go to work tonight. Slept plenty, but my mind still feels the need to rest. I hope I get to see you soon angel.

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