Hello Procrastination, my old friend…

I’m one hell of a procrastinator. An introverted procrastinator college student. (Does it work? I’m not an native english speaker, but I like thinking I’m a little bit bilingual.) I’m writing a journal entry when, in reality, I’m supposed to write some papers for college. I hate college as much as I hate driving. But, sometimes, I love college as much as I love reading.

Moving on.

I don’t know how my brains work. Am I productive even though I’m working late? Is it worth it? Am I still doing some quality work? The answer is no. I should get back to work but we all know it’s not gonna happen, right.

I’m so bored in college. But it’s not like I can avoid this part of my life. I’m so bored of adulthood and I can’t remember my childhood. 

Am I sad? To be honest, I feel sad and mad (“smad” lol, how brilliant this word is) at everything. Procrastination is an old friend, and I’m pretty sure Never-Want-To-Grow-Up is their sibling.

Whatever, I’m going to bed and ruining my adulthood. I don’t want it anyway.

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