La Luna

The moon is an inspiring thing, huh? A big, grey orb that just lights up and hangs there among the clouds. Wherever you are in the world, you look up at the same moon as me. You look up at Luna.

Wether you’re that shop keeper who’s closing up for the night, going home after a long day on her feet as she catches a glance of the moon in her car window.

Or the poor teenager crying yourself to sleep because you’re so insecure and so left out; catching a gentle glimpse of the moon in your shattered mirror.

Maybe you’re the homeless man who sits outside every night, thinking about his messed up life and gazing up at the moon, because he has nothing else to do.

Or an overworked lawyer, who’s staying up late to work on his documents, catching our moon reflecting off the surface of his glass of water.

Maybe you’re a sailor,
A prisoner,
A slave,
An author,
A little boy
Or just an ordinary person living their life.

We all look up at the same moon; we all think our things to it, and some of us even say them aloud. The moon listens and watches over us, and all of us trust it, a beautiful goddess of nature. And I think that’s beautiful.

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