Monday April 10th

Today I am on spring break. I still do not have an email address with the doe. It is stressing me out some- mostly because of the email I received on Friday saying that the nomination had been closed. I am hoping that is just about the Queens job and not the actual job. 

I took the first of my tests this morning and I passed it. It was likely the easiest one I have to take, though. I have a bear of one this afternoon. It is a 210 minute test. Holy fuck.  3.5 hours. Surely to shit it won’t actually take me that long. I need to focus and take my time, though, so I can pass it and not have to re-take it and pay for it again. I drank yesterday and I feel like shit today. That is so dumb. I don’t know why I even drink because it makes me feel so bad the next day. It is truly a stupid thing. 

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