Skate Sunday

Hi all, I’m back from the long days of private journals 😉

Felt still sick or not well but decided to go out! Since I have been in all weekend. Drove to Santa Monica and met up with Ashley around 1 PM then skated around the beach. Went all the way up north end of the trail and skated back to end of Venice beach. Stopped by at the restaurant to grab couple drinks then skated back to the beach on the Venice canals. Joined Shaq for little bit to play volleyball. Learned a lot about it from Jeremy(if I remember it correctly) and checkout the cold pacific ocean water. Ashley and I skated more about the Santa Monica for about an hour. Got awesome video of me going backward on the Santa Monica stair hill but Ashley’s thumb was on the way on the video lol. We ended up at the K-town having all you can eat Korean BBQ with Dosung. Good time and talking about not to go to all you can eat place again after the dinner like always lol. Back home and took a shower before I got on to my computer. 10:26 PM now and I think I’m ready to sleep for tomorrow. My body still feel little weird and I better have some rest before the week starts. Hope all of you had a great weekend!

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  1. I sure did 🙂 Hope your day went well too!

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