Today I saw a gynaecologist for the first time. It went alright. She asked me if I smoke (with my Mum in the room) and I said I don’t. It’s also Mum’s birthday today.

In literature class, our professor turned to Francis and told him that he didn’t seem interested in her class. As he said, “You’re wrong. You just think we’re scum.” she gasped in surprise. Then she told him that he could only talk to his parents and friends like that and that she would send him to the headmaster’s office. Diary, I have never seen her this angry. Francis apologised like a madman. It was painful to watch. I feel sorry for him.

I didn’t do much today. I only played the piano a bit and browsed the dictionary. I’m obsessed with Visage‘s Fade to Grey. I can’t stop watching that bloody viral video of the two black guys singing Mask Off. I just can’t stop watching it.

Spring break starts the day after tomorrow. 

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