Since living alone, I’ve been guilty for not having spent enough time with Ma. I have my reasons and she has hers – and we’re both pretty cool with this. We’re both quite independent and I’m proud of her.

A week ago, we met and even hung out with my brother for lunch. (He was just back from a job interview. I hope he’ll get it.) After a quick, early lunch, my brother had to go while I walked with Ma to where her friend was.

To my surprise, I was invited to join them. We ended up having (another, for me) lunch before heading to The Premiere, one of the posh film theatres in this city. They asked for my suggestion and I suggested the latest version of “Beauty and The Beast” (yup, the one with Emma Watson in it).

I had watched it once alone and wouldn’t mind watching it again. Since they hadn’t, so they agreed.

After the movie, I asked Ma:

“What was the saddest scene to you?”

“When Belle’s father had to tell her why he had to leave her mother,” said Ma. “You?”

“When Mrs.Potts called out for Chip before their time to stay human was up.”

We ended that Tuesday by having dinner and hanging out at Midori, where I was challenged to sing jazz on stage. Not bad, they said, which was a relief. (I grew up singing mostly rock and pop, hehe.)

All in all, it was a random but awesome Tuesday.


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