A letter from mama to me

The first night you got sick, you almost died. They put you in an oxygen tent where they allowed me to put my head in so I can be with you. They kept saying I was not going to make it. I just cried all night and sang to you holding on every hope I had. You were paralyzed and could not move. You lost your hearing. You were labeled cerebral palsy.  You went back to diapers, and had to start everything all over as a baby at the age of two. You could not walk or even feed yourself. You were a mess. They said you were possibly brain damaged. I was devastated. There was a little red wagon there at the hospital, and I would pull you all over the place in tears.  Afterwards they said it was the best thing I could have done for you. I forced you to balance and stimulate the brain. It was a long recovery but I kept forcing you with speech and dance class, everything I could think of. It was a long process to get you to move. My best Christmas present ever came.. We put you on a pillow under the tree, and all the sudden you started dragging yourself to the kitchen. You did not care about Christmas, you wanted to eat. It was the first time you ever moved again since you got sick. I knew we were going to make it. For a year, we worked on getting you to walk again. It was a slow progress but I kept pushing you when they said you could not do. You were spaced out and showed cerebral palsy like but I knew you was not. From the very beginning when you became sick at the age of one and half, I totally believed you would be fine except for the hearing loss. No matter what they said, they said you would never. I prayed and prayed but inside of me, I knew you would grow to be this beautiful girl. And here you are…

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