I’m 21, and my parents split when I was around 3 maybe?

Being so young when it happened, I just accepted it and moved on with my life, spending my weekends at my dads, weeks with my mom, then along came Friday again and my dad would pick me up around 5:30-6pm, no later unless he finished work late. 

I think its only now, really that I am accepting this, now that I am older, a little more understanding of why two people can grow apart. But this has hit me like train reaching full speed. Putting little doubts into my head of why they did not want to be together any more, I would never ask of why they got divorced, why would I bring up the past when both parents have moved on and happy?  But having to update each parent differently or re-telling each parent the same thing just at different times is a constant reminder that they are not together, as stupid as that may seem as I have lived with it my whole life. Also just the little things, my boyfriend and my flat mate, their parents are both still together going on family holidays, when talking to mom, dad may pop into the conversation because they are still together and I sometimes wish mine were too.
However, it does make me want to work hard at my relationship I have going on now, meaning if it does get more serious, I want to do all that I can to make it work and not follow in my parents footsteps. As much as I love them both and it weren’t their fault they didn’t love each other any more, I just don’t think I could go through the same struggles I’ve seen both parents go through.. 


Forever thinking 


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