Another thing in my mind

Sometimes I want to write something but don’t know about what. Sometimes I do know, but don’t have enough words. I like astronomy. I can’t express what I feel about it. Hope I can do it one day. Recently I found out something. Quite by accident. I think there is no reason to tell what the point is. I can only say I convinced of how big our universe is once again. Then one thing crossed my mind. While people do something not for money, they have the hope. I don’t think people observe stars for profit. Even though they spend much money for that. And it relates to other things. While people do something not expecting a benefit in return, while they are creative, while they keep observing our large world, while they keep seeing and making beauty, they have the hope and the future. I’ve just tired of the evil and the greedy around me. Look up at the sky and be kind.

One thought on “Another thing in my mind”

  1. Looking up also helps a person stop thinking about this world and think about something totally different.
    I remember a few month ago I was on my way back to home I saw up and I realized that it’s been a long time since I saw up and looked at the sky…
    Also you asked me form where I was, I am form Pakistan.

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