April 11, 2017

I have decided to start writing again. Especially when I am now at the point where it’s time for me to put myself more out there and start taking risks. It will be great to look back and see how much has changed and how much I grew as a person. Many things go through my head everyday so I might as well put them out there.

So I am now 24 years old and going to be 25 in two months. Exciting but time flies so fast and I don’t want to waste any of it. I finished college 10 months ago and have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Accounting. This is my biggest accomplishment yet. However, I am not going to stop there. I have decided to apply for the Masters degree in Accounting at the University in North Carolina. It’s going to be online because I currently live in Aruba and I am not planning to move away any time soon. Living on a small island has its limitations. There is only one Master’s program given on the island. So I don’t have that many options. It sucks but thankfully there are many online programs available.

I am currently at home occupying myself with whatever I can do to be productive. I have been looking for a job for months and I finally got one in January at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. However, it only lasted two months. I have decided to stop working there because it was not something I wanted to do and their salary was not very attractive for someone who has a Bachelor’s degree. I felt like I was being used to do the dirty work that nobody else wanted to do. Obtaining the right job is not that easy. In conclusion, adult life sometimes sucks. If only I got paid to go to school. That would be great.

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