I love books.

For months I was addicted to technology; sure, technology can be a great thing, but sometimes it’s just better to get back into your novels.

To get back into your fantasy world, each with different characters and different scenarios. There is no end to the creativity of books, who force you to be creative with them.

The ink on the paper that speaks to your soul, that creates visions so beautiful it can make you cry, it can make you angry or it can make you smile, it can make you feel a million different emotions all at once.

Books distract from the pain of reality; they take you to places where you can be fearless, where you can explore all four corners of the world whilst you sit in the tiny corner of your darkened bedroom.

And the smell, of a new book. I probably look like a weirdo, sniffing the pages, but I don’t care, because it’s not just a smell, to me. It’s the promise of new possibilities, of new chapters that contain so much.

Not all books mean something to you, some just stay as ink on paper, some never come alive, but the ones that do can do so much. They make you think, about love, about war and peace and bravery and stupidity and fairness and cruelty. They tell you to look deeper into real life, they can affect us daily, affect the way we think.

Isn’t that powerful?

And writing a book, don’t even get me started. So much passion spilling out into the page as your fingers fly over the keyboard, or grip the pen so tightly your knuckles turn white. Sometimes you just need to spill everything out and writing can do that, for me. It can calm me down, hype me up, make me think and make me happy. Or sad. Or angry. Whatever emotion I’m trying to express.

Connecting with the characters and the atmosphere, knowing them better then you know yourself, yet still surprised by what you can put them through.

So when I’m older, my children will be raised on books, writing and music. They will be shown how to escape this world, and enter another, easily.

Reading has changed the way I think, for the better.

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  1. Thanks Dirt Poor Duchess, I will 🙂

    And coconutt, I like lots of books! But mainly adventurous books such as divergent, or books that mess with your head such as the book ’13 minutes’. What about you?

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