broken girl

How do you know if that girl was abused by her own boyfriend? Longing for a relationship with an alcoholic father? Locked in public bathroom by other girls just because you are different? Lost a best friend by murder? Taken advantage by men so many times? Destroyed by a heartbreak? Alone because of rejection? Betrayed so many times she lost count? Not accepted in any culture and discriminated by what she does? Struggle with anxiety and depression? What ever happened to the power of empowering each other? To lift another to a better place? To be nonjudgmental? To have a heart? Most of all- to simply love? Do you know what she is going through? Do you look at her and quickly judge for something you don’t agree to do? Is it one size fits all your only thought? To take away another girl’s soul by destroying what she cherish? To be a prisoner of yourself that everyone else created for you? To be one of that lost sheep in the crowd because everyone else is doing the same? My broken girls, always remember you are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem. Smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’d ever imagine. Be the person you dream to be. Empower your sisters. Turn around and the first girl you see, for she may be dying inside, tell her the same. Whatever culture you may diagnose yourself in, be open minded. There is no right answer for how one should abide. Just remember- A girl’s smile hides a thousand words, but a girl’s tear hide a thousand feelings. And that girl could be ME.

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