Day 410 – Career choices, art gift and moderating

Monday, April 10th 2017

Today was fun.

I started off with psychology. We continued notes on emotions.

In French we took a personality quiz to see which careers would best suit us. It’s just to make us think a bit more on our career choices and offer some careers we might not have thought of before. It made me think about my choices and mine are an animator (the one I’m going for), psychologist (either work in therapy or on the more scientific side with experiments, preferably therapy, but scientific is also interesting) and 911 operator. The 911 operator can be a very difficult job and asks you to keep yourself unattached to the person on the other end, but it’d be helping others and I’m willing to deal with the most stressful situations.

At lunch I ate with Kohai and she talked about her dance competition and how she got first place, which is awesome.

In art we started learning about pinch potting. I’m currently coming up with an idea of what I wanna do. I plan on gifting it to a friend in the U.S. for her birthday (one of the owners). Wanted to make something handmade for her, so this is perfect. Hopefully I am allowed to take it home.

I ended the day with English and we had a cyber sexual aggression presentation.

At home I went to moderate on the server and work on the town some more, since I haven’t done much. I ate then tried the leggings I got Saturday again. “One size fits all”… sure. Too tall for the leggings unfortunately. My mom said we’ll go looking for a similar one eventually, which is reassuring. Really liked those leggings; shame. 
   Afterwards I went on the server some more and helped out with players quite a bit while continuing doing the Pokemon breeding area. I was juggling between two players, one that is kinda needy and the other worried that they might be kicked off the server for one of their builds, though I reassured the one they wanted to make followed the guidelines.

I’m gonna go watch a Doctor Who episode. Have to watch one every night the most possible, since we only have limited time.

That’s all for today.

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