First entry// Introduction.

So, Here I am. Sitting in bed, blankets covering my legs,  a laptop sitting on my lap. Music playing in the background, and a white cracked screen iPhone sitting next to me, waiting for someone, anyone to reply to me. A simple notification is all I ask for.


Writing my first post, I will be writing about personal stories, thoughts and feelings. But before I do, I will be changing my name, and I will be changing friend’s name’s to. Just so people can not find the true me. The good thing about online, is you don’t have to unmask yourself, you can choose what parts of you unmask, the rest can be locked up, a chamber of secrets. No one will know any different. People who I see everyday could see this, and they won’t know it’s me. But what’s even better is that I don’t have to make this post public, in-fact I don’t have to make any post public.


I have thought of becoming an author, but the thing with me is that  I lose interest quickly, I would never be able to continue on a story, It’ll be all over the place, not making any sense, and would probably be extremely boring.


But here it is my first blog post for now.

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