12/04/2017 – The Beginning

Today around 15h00 I had my very first therapy session, which I thought would be a total mistake because I tend to overthink. However, It was both very emotional and liberating. I finally realized that I am not entirely to blame for the damage in my heart and head, but the people I have surrounded myself with play a major role. But with that being said I am to blame for the responsibility I have taken to protect my heart and my sense of individualism. I lost myself hiding personal aspects of myself to protect myself. Personal aspects such as: My family issues, issues with my mother, how my sisters raised me, how my dad has been financially and mentally supporting me for all of my life. I do not want to neglect my mothers love and affection but somehow I wish that came with a little bit of guidence, reliability and consistency. This is only the beginning to know who I truly am, stop avoiding the past, deal with the past, move on and love myself more than any individual will ever love me. I CAN DO IT! 

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