It is like a domino effect. Anything that goes on around one’ life may turn upside down after that jump one night.

First, the people at the scene. Perhaps they just didn’t see it coming. Perhaps some have and tried to stop it from happening. If only they had succeeded…

If not? Then the domino effect continues.

Then, it’s the distraught parents and the possibly hysterical family. It’s the shocked and grieving close friends, along with the confused acquaintances. They all have the same thought:


Why did they do that? Why did they have to give up on life, all too easily? Just one jump and that’s it.

Perhaps only those with greater understanding about mental illnesses may have the answer. Perhaps there wasn’t anybody there back then, to offer their helping hand. To remind them that there was always hope, there was still a way.

Anything to catch their fall.

Others only have opinions and mere speculations. Lack of faith and strength are their best guesses.

Either way, have they ever been in the same shoes – that one crazy ride where your mind keeps playing tricks on you? Do they even know how that feels? Can they imagine it?

If you’ve never really been there, then good for you. Still, are those judgmental, nasty comments on social media necessary? Have you ever considered the feelings of their still grieving friends and family?

What would you do if it were your loved one(s)? Would you reach out to them to make sure they’ll never have to resort to that? Would you turn away?

Would you claim them such pathetic losers, weakling and faithless – the way you surely claim those fallen souls? Would you put up with the same nasty comments they openly give on social media and the real world, right to your face?

If you can’t or won’t catch someone’s fall, then let that be your individualistic choice. Just spare the grieving ones those bricks to their faces. That’s how your nasty comments are like.

Besides, it’s not like whatever you say no can turn back the time – stop what’s already been done…



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