Annnd My Journey Begins!!!

 Today I started my journey. I am having weight loss surgery on April 26th. I will be having the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure done.  So these last two weeks I have been trying to eat all my favorite foods. 

     I started my 2 week liquid diet. It is prep to make my liver smaller so they can get to my stomach. The diet consist of 3-4 Protein shakes, broth, jello. That is about all. My doctor said I can have baked chicken. So I will have some have that. 

     This morning I had my first shake. It really isn’t so bad. It is vanilla and I mix it with Silk Unsweetened Almond Vanilla Milk. I can’t have any sugar for these 2 weeks. For lunch I had a half of can of Chicken Broth. Now that wasn’t as bad as I thought. Although it will take time to get used to that. I also had another shake.  I have been drinking a lot of water. Which I normally do not do. I also have been chewing on sugar free gum. 

     I also have been cold today.. It is like 79 outside and I am freezing. I am usually cold but today more than normal. I don’t know if not eating as anything to do with it. Either way I will get through it.  I have a lot of support from my girlfriend, family and friends. 

     I posted pics of my last meals from yesterday lol Now that I look at it, I think to myself no wonder why I am fat. I mean it’s not like I eat that everyday but still. 

     I am a little nervous about this whole ordeal. I just have a fear that I will not stick with the lifestyle change.  Its not just a 2 week thing. This is a lifetime commitment. But I am in it. I want to be my normal size again. I want to be healthy. I want to live longer and enjoy my life and my family. 

    I will be updating my progress on this page along with pictures and my weight. Hope you enjoy reading about my journey. 




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