Young Woman

By the time I was 18, I had a pretty good grasp on things. I held a steady job, and paid my bills on time. I stayed out of trouble, but had a thing for the bad boys. At this time, a guy I had been dating went to prison. A friend of his got out, and he asked me to help his friend get back on his feet. When I met his friend, I found out that the guy I had been dating had been cheating on me so I ended things. I still felt bad for his friend though, and agreed to continue being friends. He had previously had a drug addiction, but dreamed of a better life. A family, house with a picket fence, yada yada yada. He seemed really sincere, and what we wanted seemed to align. We fell in love. I had good enough credit at the time that we got a very impressive condo together. I became pregnant and we were really excited. Then I had a miscarriage and we were both crushed. We tried again, and I miscarried again. Then he relapsed. He took of to Nevada and drained our accounts and maxed out any lines of credit that we had. When I realized what was going on, I called the bank to try to stop it but since it was a joint account they refused. All I could do was watch everything we had worked for go down the drain. He lost his job. He came back after a few days and got on his knees sobbing and begging for forgiveness. I forgave him. He got another job, and things seemed to be well again. I got pregnant again, and miscarried again. This time though he didn’t take off. We had invited friends over for dinner that evening and he refused to cancel it. I was an emotional wreck. His friends picked up on it and called him out on it. He took off and they felt bad for me and didn’t want me to be alone so they had me come to their place until we were able to work things out. I locked our condo up, and later that evening my fiance came back and busted in the door. The neighbor tried to stop him but he ended up breaking his nose. He went to a friends house after that and ended up getting a hold of a gun and threatening to kill himself. I trusted this friend though so I went to meet him there and we both talked him down. We agreed to try to work on things between us. He told me that staying sober was really hard, and something that somebody else couldn’t understand unless they went through it themselves. He wanted me to try it so that I could understand. I know looking at it now that sounds like a very stupid idea, but at the time I was at rock bottom and wanted things to be okay between us so I tried it, and got addicted. It didn’t take very long for us to end up broke and homeless. We agreed to go stay with family until we could get back on our feet. He had violated parole so he had to go back to prison for a year, and my grandparents took me back in. We tried to do things long distance. I got a job and worked as many hours as they would give me to try to pay our debt off so we could have a fresh start. I wrote him every day. When he got out, he wanted me to move to be with him. He lived in a very small town and not much work was available. We still had so many bills so I said no. That started the fight that ended our relationship, and started the next chapter in my life.

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