Just Didn’t Work Out

 So well I went out with him a couple times. Things were going great, but as soon as he discoverd that im basiclly alot of stress and drama (to be honest, ops). He flew away. I got really mad because alot of shit came out of his mouth, but now I’ve calmed down and maybe we’ll become friends. He is a really cool guy. After getting to know him alot, I’ve figured hes really a lonely guy, who literally has no experience. At first I thought i would just hate him! But nah, after relaxing and giving it a second thought, theres really no point in hating on him. It seems he thought the whole situation was stressing for him, and well it was bad for him for taking his loneliness out on me but then again its understandable. (this probably doesnt make much sence to you but yah). Next week, we’ll find out if he will make it all really awkward, or if its fine. 

I realise im probably overthinking it all, but well. You never know whats going on in others minds. 

And I’m not hurt or anything for things not working out. Pretty sure there will be like ALOT of rejections in the future aswell, and I guess not everyone can be my soulmate (hehe). Life aint a movie, atleast not a romance. 




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