So she’s pregnant.

My dad’s girlfriend is pregnant. I know I’ve been told let them do their own thing and have us both live our lives. I don’t care that he’s 57 and she’s 23. That doesn’t effect me at all. I could careless if she was 18. What I’m worried about is explaining this to my children. My dad parades women around them.

I have no way to explain this to the children. My dad gets a new woman almost every week. I know for a fact the only reason why he’s keeping his lasted girlfriend around right now is because of her age, and because of the sex (I don’t even want to think about the sex between her and him).

As a parent I have to be a moral compass for my kids, and it’s tough explaining that grandpa has a problem with women. While I love to keep him away from the kids, we live in close proximity to each other. That it’d be impossible for the kids not to know who grandpa’s with. 

I know I sound like a child or immature that my dad has gotten a young girl pregnant, I’m more worried about my children, or the repercussions of his actions. Not because I’ll have a little half-brother or sister, or because she’s pregnant. My kids and their psyche come first.  

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