The World and then there’s Me

I haven’t written lately as I don’t have a whole lot to say. While the news pumps out horror story after horror story: Chemical attack on civilians in Syria, Bombing in St. Petersburg, Murder-Suicide at an elementary school in San Bernardino, The United States and North Korea going through the motions that seem reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and on and on, my life has been constitantly average.

That’s right it has been a mix of kids, work, cleaning, and of course training the beloved puppy.

As Rascal is now 4 months old, we are finally fine tuning the best methods on how to train him. Positive replacement and distraction seem to work best. Rascal is such a stubborn, but excited lil’ guy. He now jumps on the side door whenever he needs to relieve himself. He has also figured out that when he chews on us too much, its crate time. We’ve figured out that when he gets over stimulated he chews. He passes out the minute he goes in his crate.

I’ve got admit – he’s one stinky hound dog. I use to wash him once a week to stay on top of the stank. After some research I found out I am washing him too much and might be causing him a lot of skin irritation. I also found out Bassetts don’t do well with dog food that contains corn. He’s on Pure Balance now. I was going to transition him to Blue Buffalo, but after reading the Consumer Reports Reviews – no way. Too many people have complained that Blue Brand animal products have sickened their cats and dogs… or worse. Seems like a lot of the animals suffered accute kidney failure which their vets suggested was due to eating something poisoness / toxic. So I guess Blue Buffalo isn’t all it claims to be. I would rather be safe than sorry. For now I’ll keep Rascal on Pure Balance and I’ll ask his vet about food options during his next appointment. In the mean time I started making a home made dry shampoo for him.

Works been decent. I’ve been learning a lot. I love day shifts so much more than nights – mainly because I can play “mom” at night and really focus on the kids.

Snooch has been home for a lil’ bit. She’s back on her “full” dosage and the mix is good. It isn’t always easy to deal with her. She can really try my patience. It is hard to balance when she is being a brat verses a deep psychological need.

I’ve been slowly substituting everything in the house with a light / and or diet option. I’ve also cracked down on any snack type carbs like cookies, crackers, pretzels, stuff like that. My latest kick is chia seeds in my vanilla yogurt and snap peas with a little lite balsamic dressing.

This Sunday is Easter. Since I’m not Christian, the day doesn’t hold too much meaning for me. I do however, as with most things, celebrate in a different way. This Easter I will be hiking with the family. We really love hiking. It’s one of our favorite activities and it is so rewarding.

Guess that is about it for this entry.

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