This has been the week from  hell.  Thursday had echo.  Didn’t feel well.  Had beeper in waiting area at hospital when it went off and I stood up I fell back down in chair.  Told tech of stomach pains, blood pressure was high.  Took it four times.  Had scan and tech had to check with her doctor before I could be released.  I hadn’t taken blood pressure med yet that day.  Told to go home and take it and later take bp again.  Did that and when I took it again it was 200/110 and I had every heart attack system they list.  Went to sleep figuring if it was my time then what a better way to go but in your sleep.  But first call off work.  Off Friday still sick Saturday, call off that day.  In bathroom getting ready for work Sunday when I got so dizzy I knew I wouldn’t make it.  Called off.  Started taking bp and continued watching it go DOWN.  Ended up going to ER and was there for 10 hours.  Went through all kinds of tests.  They only gave me ice chips.  Long story short.  They did a horrible flu swab test because they were planning on admitting me but came back in and told me the decision was mine.  They treat cancer patients differently and will give me a room however since I am in such a delicate condition they can’t totally prevent contact with illness since it is so rampant with so many sick people in the hospital right now.  So I decided not to stay but they said I was dehydrated, constipated and stressed and I needed to put myself FIRST over anything else.  Contributing factors taking the Percocet, not keeping a regular schedule.  Took off work Monday and Tuesday doctor’s orders.  Wednesday chemo and I got the Neulasta On Pro which I am currently waiting for it to go off.  Felt like getting stung by a rubber band when they put it on but much better than the anxiety of a shot in the arm.  Today Thursday saw my PCP as follow up to er visit.  Still feel like crap in all honesty but I am going to try to get back to work tomorrow.  I just beeped and am currently getting my Nuelasta. 

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