Tuesday April 11th

I was supposed to have my second date with Eddie today, but it was cancelled. I’m not sure exactly what the deal was. It was really nice today- like 80 degrees, and I decided I wanted to wear sandals. In order to wear sandals, needed to get my toes done, if I got my toes done, it was going to mean I couldn’t make it to the date meeting spot by 1:00 as we had planned. So, I texted him and said I was running late, could we make it 2:00. He texted back and said sure, or 3 if I needed more time, or even move it to evening. So, I texted him back and said, no, 2 was fine. I told him I have that test tomorrow, so I wanted to review the practice test this evening. He said maybe we should reschedule. I said, I had a couple of hours today. He jokingly said our first date was 10 hours and now I was downgrading him to 2 hours.  So  I said okay we can reschedule and that was that. Here’s my take on that. If he actually wanted to see me, he would not have wanted to reschedule- he would have taken the 2 hours if that’s what I was offering. What the fuck ever. I don’t give a shit. Now I will be an asshole if he actually does contact me again. There is something a little weird about him anyway.

So today Richard says he’s interested in moving here. I would love to have someone here I know. I do question if he would actually like it here. We talked about getting a place together. I have not had a roommate since I was 19 years old that summer I lived with Missy. I am so controlling, I don’t know if it would work. However, I do get so sad and so lonely, having someone living with me would be nice as far as that goes. 

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