260.2 – Same

Walking is still going great. My skin has never been this clear, and there are no new breakouts forming, so I think part of it may be the dairy and another part of it may be exercise (or heck, it could all be exercise… perhaps I should start putting HWC in my coffee again just to be sure? 😉 )

Dad’s doing well on the walks but keeps hitting stumbling blocks with his WOE. They have carbage in the house because my mom and uncle still eat it, and Dad’s having trouble resisting, which is understandable. In my own first couple of weeks, it would have been significantly more difficult to stick to No Cheats if temptation had been in every cupboard. But he’s persisting, which is a huge step, and he’s sticking with the exercise and is feeling better all-around. A step in the right direction to be sure.

At this point nearly our entire family eats low carb, and it’s showing in our menu for Easter lunch:

– Ham
– Pan-fried asparagus with butter and garlic
– Deviled Eggs
– Low carb rolls (CarbQuik. Never used it before so Easter is its maiden voyage in our family)
– Yams and butter (no marshmallows or brown sugar)
– Berries and cream for dessert

This year we won’t have a mountain of chocolate, and we’re keeping it LC for the kids as well. Easter egg hunts and gathering with the family. They’ll get their chocolate bunnies, but it’s not going to be a smorgasbord of candy like it has been in the past (if I never eat another jelly bean again I will be A-OK.)

1 hr 15 min walk today
Menu for today (24-hr fasting)
B: Warrior coffee
L: Warrior tea
D: Shrimp + LC cocktail sauce

Have a great day, all 😀

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