A Day Ruined

I don’t know if whoever reads this knows that I work as a housekeeper for a cheap hotel. Today while working…This is what happen:

The hotel has two floors consisting of the 100’s and 200’s. Which the first floor has all the rooms starting from 114-141 and second floor has from 201-241. I work on the second level with a new lady who has been working for 2 weeks (she’s getting so annoying) and today while I was doing 227 front desk manager (who happens to be the co-owner) told me to clean the carpet of 232.  I went and did it, which I took like 40 mins. When I finished the carpet, I went to the room which the other ladies are doing (225 and the lady who does downstairs was also helping) and asked the other lady (calling her L) if she was done. She told yeah and the people who rented forgot their clothes (only 3 pieces, folded). I said okay and took the clothes to the cart because I thought that people would claimed it later on in the future. 

It came to check out time at 11:00am and my job along with the new lady was to check the rooms that haven’t left yet and did. I tell the lady M that I will call front desk to let her know about the room in 10 mins. I did and told her if the room 225 was staying, the manager said it was indeed stay over. I realized that I took the folded clothes that I found from that room and decided to go back and put it on the same place I found it previously.

Minutes later..

When we got to 211 room, I tell the lady to do that room while I do 210 (which are across from each other). She’s like sure I can do that. While I was getting something from the cart, this black lady come and asked for a charger. I politely said just a second while I find it. I found 2 chargers and asked the black lady if it were this ones. She’s automatically says no and I’m about to call the police. I was like oh she’s fucking annoying. I told her that if she could give me a minute to go downstairs and asked the lady L if she saw it. I went and the lady L said she unplugged the charger and put it on the folded clothes underneath. I went back up and knock on that room and told the guy if he had found it. He said no and told him if he checked the clothes. He did and found it….The lady who I assumed was the wife said “oh tell the lady that I apologize and thank you” and I’m like uh huh. That bitch didn’t even apologize to me nor the other housekeeper for the little incident. The other housekeeping trying to blame for it too haha (saying “I didn’t even went to that room, no and I didn’t stole anything, I don’t want any trouble”). In my mind said “yes, you did because I saw you and the other lady L). What’s she’s talking about huh?! haha

The small incident just ruined my day and I still have a strong headache  

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