Day 2.. Still Drinking

Hello , 

 My first day wasn’t that bad. I did really good. I surprised myself though. My girlfriend Tammi made me some chicken breast. She put a little garlic powder on them and OMG .. it was the best chicken I have had.. Ok not really.. It was delicious but I could have ate more. I had to limit myself. I think I will start cooking some chicken and bring it to work for lunch and then dinner the next day. 

  Today , hasn’t been to bad. I brought some Jell-O for a snack and that tasted good. I have only had 2 shakes and the Jell-O. I have had about 40 oz of water. I am chewing on gum and that seems to be helping me. 

   I am posting my before pics down below with my weight from yesterday. My first day. I did weigh myself today and I lost 3 lbs. I can’t beat that lol.. 


Weight as of 04/112/2017 —- 255.4


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