Day 412 – Personality quiz results

Wednesday, April 12th 2017

Today was good.

I started off with art. I started my small pot. It’s fun to play with, just annoying afterwards when you try to wash the clay off; gets stuck in your nails.

In English we worked on our writing assignment. 

At lunch I sat with Kohai and the twins. I talked to one of the twins about dreams while the other helped Kohai with chemistry.

For psychology, we had a substitute. I read the text our teacher gave us, which was on emotional intelligence, then read the questions and answered them in my head. I went on Twitter, Discord and Goodnight Journal for the remainder of the period, only to look up when an argument broke out between two people. The girl was saying to the guy something about the way he says things—not sure.

I finished the day with French. We had the people come back to read our results on the personality quiz. From the different personality types, my dominants are artistic, investigator and social, exactly the ones I expected. Only once did I get entrepreneur as a different type and conventional while comparing me to people of my sex and age, but that doesn’t really count that much. 
   There were 3 sections to the quiz : activities, personality traits and values. In personality traits I got the entrepreneur, but it was my 3rd dominant instead of social. Makes sense, since I’m not really a social person personality wise.
   Here’s a quick summary of the four types I got :

Prefers creative, innovative and diverse activities, allowing them to express their emotions, ideas and personal vision of the world. They love realising tasks needing imagination and creativity to contribute to artistic and cultural fields.

Oriented towards the resolution of complex and abstract problems. Appreciating intellectual work, they are attracted by tasks requiring them to analyse, study and elucidate various phenomenons. They search to contribute at the advancement of information, particularly in scientific or technological fields.

They are interested in activities requiring contact of others in the goal to better understand the function of individuals and collective of humans. They are attracted to tasks allowing them to create intimate and personal relations with people, that way they could help them according to their different needs.

There was also the Myer Briggs sort of personality types (I have INFJ; introverted, intuition, feeling, judging) as well. There’s two results for each, your own and your comparison to people of the same sex and age; the highest you percentage is, the lower the people have that trait more than you (random example, entrepreneur at 51%, so 49% of people are more of an entrepreneur than I am). For introvert, I got 99%, haha.

At home I talked to my dad about the results, then watched YouTube, ate, moderated the server for a while/worked on my town, now I’m gonna go watch an episode of Doctor Who. I was planning on reading what Megg added to the book, but I lost track of time.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 412 – Personality quiz results”

  1. I think that personality test really describes you. You’re really artistic and prefer that to be your main field of interest, you’re also good with technology and can understand logic well so you can always work with that, and you’re doing online journaling which is a social activity that allows you to create close and intimate friends 🙂

    Also you wrote about “4 types” but only posted 3?

    I’ve been reading your past entries but haven’t posted a comment as often as I should have, I’ll try to post a comment more often.

  2. Yeah, I only wrote the ones that were really apparent. The other one only appeared once and it was a 3rd dominant, so it wasn’t that strong. It’s just organisation and planning for that one for personality wise.

    And that’s alright! I usually read your entries, but don’t really post any comments that often. So don’t feel like you have to 🙂

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