Hair Day

Yesterday I finally got my hair done after 6 months of ignoring it.  I am not a patient person when it comes to hair, (especially my hair!)  It is a thick, long mess of hair that ends at the middle of my back.  Most of the time I find myself grabbing an old distressed baseball cap just to tuck my small head of thick, messy hair inside of it because I don’t want to take the time to flat iron it or make it look smooth and presentable.  That just takes too much time to do when you have a thick mess of hair like mine.

My hair lady at the salon takes about 3 hours just to color, thin out, and trim my long locks of wavy hair and it costs a fortune to do it every time.  I cannot believe how patient she is with the coloring.  It is agony for me to sit still for 3 hours while she does my hair, so I cannot imagine how bad her arms must hurt after putting in the color and highlights.  However, she always tells me she doesn’t mind and her arms do not hurt.  I’m guessing she says that because the money is what she really doesn’t mind.  ha ha..

Every 6 months or so is when I normally go to the salon to get it done.  I wish I could go in more often just to keep the gray hair from reappearing.  I am so embarrassed about how gray my hair is becoming.  I first started noticing it turn gray when turning 30.  However, now being at 36, it is getting grayer by the day it seems!

The graying hair is quite irritating to me because it is the only part of me that truly shows my real age.  Anyone who doesn’t know me would just assume I’m a teenage girl because of how extremely young I look.  I don’t go into public places or crowds often, but when I do people always assume I’m a child because of my baby-face and petite body frame.  It’s so crazy that even my 16 year old son gets asked all the time if I’m his little sister.  How awkward it feels to me when my son’s friends are hitting on me and asking for my number!  Most of the time I just roll my eyes.

When I was in high school, grade school boys would hit on me.  When I was in my twenties, high school boys would hit on me.  It was so frustrating to me at the time!  However, now being in my late 30’s and feeling older, but not looking it, I somewhat feel flattered by all the attention I get from looking so young.  I truly hope that I can keep up my youthful appearance even as I reach 40.  However, this graying hair is the only thing betraying me and giving away my true age right now.  At least it can be easily covered up with hair color.

My hair lady at the salon has been doing my hair for many years now.  She is about the same age as me and I get along with her really well.  It’s pretty sad though that my hair lady is the one and only person I speak to most when it comes to strangers.  She’s stuck doing my hair for 3 hours, so it would be kind of rude of me if I don’t say anything at all to her.

I cannot stand going to get my hair done!  I get all nervous from being around so many people and feel like I can’t breathe.  And the worst part is the salon is located in a crowded mall.  I hate malls and avoid them as much as possible.  Too many people and so, so loud… and the music over the speakers sound horrible.

I prefer quiet places.. such as home, or being in the woods, or a cemetery, or the public library.  I just love the library and could spend all day there.  I have a strange fascination for books, nature, cemeteries, and libraries.  All those are what I love most.

I’m kind of a boring person I guess, but I like the quiet and just prefer being alone mostly.  However, every day I count the hours and minutes until my husband finally gets home from work.  I’m so excited this week because he has tomorrow off and so do the kids!  A 3-day weekend!  Whoo-hooo!!

I have to say though… I do wish I had a friend here in this town sometimes, (preferably female.)  Someone who can handle my oddness and someone to share make up secrets with!  I have always loved make-up and doing my face up… just not my hair!  Youtube how-to make up videos are a must for me!  Love them!

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the Easter Weekend!  I will be spending the weekend visiting my parents and little sister.  It is quite a long drive to get there and riding in a car for hours stresses me out.  Hopefully it won’t be that bad though…  What’s worse than long car rides is facing my mother.  The two of us have never been close to one another, so it’s always a chore spending a day together.

The last time seeing my parents was last Christmas.  I don’t see them often and I do miss my dad a lot all the time… just not my mom, sadly.  I’ve always wished for a mother/daughter bond between us, but don’t believe it will ever happen.

Oh well, sometimes you’ve got to accept things the way they really are and just be grateful for what you already have.

~Dirt Poor Duchess

2 thoughts on “Hair Day”

  1. I hate doing my hair as well. What I hate the most is dyeing it. I don’t know what I am going to do when gray hairs start coming out. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend as well. And you are right. We have to be grateful for what we have. Sometimes things can’t be changed no matter how hard we try. That was something I had to realize as well.

  2. I can relate to so much of this. The hair dye, hating the mall, the flattery of son’s friends, loneliness for girlfriends, loving makeup, and sadly, bad/strange relationship with our mothers.

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