Journal Day 171 – 172 WPM, 176 WPM and First Place Twice

Wednesday, April 12th 2017

Pretty awesome start to a good day so far. I got first place on typeracer this morning after a few attempts. It’s been forever since I last went on this website. However, I wanted to troll a bit, and get more views on my YouTube channel, so I went ahead and recorded a video of me becoming first place at something I knew I was good at. I also put “Vegan” next to my name to represent veganism. The fastest person on the website right now as I type this, is me, and I am a vegan.

I wasn’t even trying when I got 172 words per minute. My fingers felt slow, I felt slow. And yet, I got first place beating the hundreds if not thousands of other people online on that same website at that same moment. People that were trying their best to beat me, but couldn’t.

Alright so I am really good at typing. Can I earn money from this? I’m not sure, but it’s probably a lot better to be the ‘best’ at something, rather than be a normal person at something. And everyone types. I just happen to be one of the fastest typists in the entire world. I mean yeah, I can play Tetris, I can play a video game like Warcraft 3 and become a pro, but in terms of worldwide attention, typing is something everyone does and it is something everyone can relate to. Not many can relate to a Tetris pro or a Warcraft 3 pro.

I would like to thank DurianRider for inspiring me to make a YouTube video about this and to troll in the video a bit. DurianRider is one of the best cyclists on the planet, he got first place on a lot of different tournaments and competitions many times, and he himself is a vegan. So that inspired me. I am one of the fastest typists on the planet, why don’t I make a YouTube video series about this very topic?

I haven’t uploaded the video yet so I have no idea if it will pick up steam or not. But the recording is done, I just have to do some editing work and then upload. I’m getting excited.

I don’t have unlimited time to just dedicate everything to typing and YouTubing. Unfortunately I have a full-time job. Unfortunately I am studying at a university. Unfortunately I am paying $300 a month for online computer lessons (separate from the university). Unfortunately I have a life, and I can only dedicate so much time to typing.

I try to exercise every day (except I rarely do), I try to update my journal every day, I try to get straight A’s in my courses, I try to do my best at work which can get stressful sometimes, I try. I’m also writing a book with Obs. I just texted her actually to wish her well this morning, because I’m grateful for having met her. I hope she doesn’t see that as weird or anything.

So anyway, my point is that I don’t just have unlimited time in this world to dedicate to typing. I’m a normal person going through normal things, and I just happen to be one of the best in the world at something. That doesn’t mean that I’m good at anything else. I’m not as great in art, I’m not as great in video editing, or audio production. I’m just ‘good’ at this one thing.

I’m pumped and excited. I’ve just spent the past hour or so listening to DurianRider YouTube advice and tips. Man. He makes it sound so easy. I think I can do it. Right now I have 7 subscribers in the channel that I’m going to upload my videos to, and a total of 214 views. Right now I have 13 videos that are publicly displayed. 4 of those videos have less than 5 views, like 2 or 3 views, I mean, wtf. I’m planning on privatizing those videos since no one watches them anyway and they’re not all that great.

Okay so here’s my YouTube to-do list for tonight:
– Update YouTube wallpaper background
– Create new ‘outro’ video that I will use in all my videos
– Edit and create YouTube video from typing footage this morning
– Create thumbnail for the above video
– Get 1st place again on TypeRacer (gonna be freaking hard at night time)
– Upload first video again trolling everyone on TypeRacer

Hell yeah. I can’t wait. Freaking DurianRider is the man. He gave me the tips, I will use those tips. My videos will be focused around computers, mainly typing, programming, and so on. I can’t wait to troll and wreck it online. I’m still at work at the moment, pretty much done with everything that needs to be done.

I have a ton of things that I need to work on outside of work though. I have a few homework assignments due tonight, some more due tomorrow. I am nearly 100 journal entries behind on my Tumblr, my Medium, my blog website, and my livejournal. Fuck. How am I going to catch up? Do I need to ask someone a favor if they can manually upload 100 of my entries to each one of those websites…? Sigh.

Someone new at work apparently found out that I had a website today, she said that was cool. There are actually quite a few people at work that know I have a website, I think pretty much everyone does, I think. I’m not too sure. But on this website, I also keep my journal entries on there. But so far I have only uploaded until journal entry day 70. Shit. So I am actually over 100 entries behind, as of today. Today is day 171.

I always thought that LG2MT would finish the task for me and catch me up to date, but I haven’t worked on LG2MT in a while. Instead, I have spent a lot of my time and hours trolling around on YouTube, Reddit, Imgur, and other websites. Who really cares about those things? I don’t need to reply to every comment poster or person that replies to me on YouTube when I have a life to live. I made a mistake of taking chunks out of my life to reply to people and that was one of the biggest mistakes of all.

Alright I’m home now. It’s 5:34 PM. Let’s get cranking on that YouTube to do list. First up, the YouTube wallpaper background. Mine is blank right now, so let me go ahead and make one.

Done. The time right now is 5:45 PM. I also used the bathroom for a bit, so yeah. Not bad, and it didn’t take much time at all.

Next up is to create the ‘outro’ for my videos. Okay. Okay. This one is a bit more complicated.

54 minutes later…

Alright the time right now is 6:39 PM. It was 6:39 PM when I finished and started rendering the video, and then after a while I also started to upload the video. The time right now is 6:53 PM after I finished all of that. The video can be found here:

Freaking awesome!

Time right now is 7:02 PM and the next step is to edit and upload the footage of me getting rank #1 to YouTube. Alright.

22 minutes later…

Alright, I just finished the video! It’s rendering now which will take a while. This video is super awesome. I freaking love it. Next task is to create a thumbnail for it… Oh man, that is going to be tough.

6 minutes later…

Wow it took me 6 minutes? Geez. I thought it took like 2 seconds, but apparently it took 6 minutes. Anyway, the thumbnail is done, and it wasn’t that hard at all. The video is still not done rendering, and the time right now is 7:28 PM. The video is at 42% rendering, so nowhere close. The next step is… Oh shit, get first place on TypeRacer… Fuck me.

If there is some guy with like 180 WPM or above, then I stand little chance. Okay. First place is 217 WPM, the second place person is 192 WPM. Kathy Florentine is destroying it with freaking 217 WPM. Shit. Cameron is next with 192 WPM. Third place is by some random guy that has a Star as a symbol with 163 WPM, and 4th place is 155 WPM.

I can probably get to 3rd place with difficulty, but to get 2nd or 1st, that is a near impossibility. I’ll go for 3rd as my most, and then give up afterwards. I don’t want to even try to get more than that.

Time right now is 7:41 PM, I have been trying, but the fastest speed I have gotten so far is 140 WPM.

2 minutes later…

153 WPM. Not even close. Kathy is now at 222 WPM, and Cameron is at 210 WPM. I have never breached 200, so this is already an impossibility for me to get 1st or 2nd. I can get third, yes, but not first or second. Not at this level. Fuck. My fingers are getting confused.

This is why I’m fine with watching high performers perform, but doing it myself? That’s really difficult. I can’t reliably rely on myself to not screw up. Typing is one of those skills where you have to have full control of every single finger movement, and at really fast speeds, it’s hard to grab control of them, so typos are abound. I think it’s because it’s late in the day right now, which is why my fingers are having a much harder time than this morning. I don’t know exactly what it is, it’s just that I am having more typos right now for some reason.

I uploaded the video, keep in mind I curse a few times since I’m roleplaying a controversial character:

However many minutes later…

The time right now is 8:22 PM and a low level league of people just appeared. The 1st place person right now is 135 WPM, the second place is 111 WPM, and the fourth place is 108 WPM, the 4th place downward have not even gotten anywhere. Holy shit. This is going to be really easy. I still want to get a really high score though, nothing below 160 WPM.

Finally. Some dude just got 160 WPM. I thought that low level of skill was going to be around for a while.

A long time later!

The time right now is 8:43 PM and I finally got first place again.

I recorded another video doing commentary while I got 176 WPM. So before I set my record for the night, some other guy got 175 WPM. I bet he was disappointed I beat his score after just 4 minutes. Well 4 minutes after I beat his score, another person beat me. Then 4 minutes after that person, another person beat that person. And then 3 minutes later, the person I beat originally, he came out of nowhere and became first place again.

So my final position right now is 4th place. Oh well. I actually went online to one of the people’s livestreams, and it turns out they were only doing 1 line typeraces. Wow. Just one liners. The one I did 172 with was 3 lines, and the 176 one was also 3 lines. That’s probably why I have never gotten over 200 WPM, because I have never consistently stayed at 1 line for that long. This guy just kept on doing it and doing it. I don’t think you get better at typing that way. You set records, but you don’t improve.

I think that is the first time I have completed all the tasks in my to-do list that I write here. That is the first time. Impressive.


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