That moment when…

You’re rushing to get to your car after a long night at work and your phone slips out of your pocket and slams against the concrete. You pick it up and are ecstatic to see no visible cracks in the screen. You think “phew, dodged a bullet.” Then you push the button to light up the screen and the screen stays blank. You try popping the battery out, put it back in, and turn it on. You hear the familiar chime of your phone starting up, but the screen is still pitch black. Shit. You just broke your favorite possession… and no, you didn’t get the insurance on it.

Yup. That’s my night. I broke my phone. I’m writing this entry from my yee old tablet. I’m so bummed out. The Man isn’t home from work yet and I’ve got no way to text him and tell him that my phone is burnt toast. I’m so annoyed at myself. If I cared this damn much you’d think that I would have secured it better… or you know… had it in its case. Nope. I did neither. In hindsight my actions were careless and reckless. Pity party of one because who gives a crap that I busted my galaxy other than me? Yup. Just me.

In the whopping hour it has been since that fatal accident, I’ve come to terms that when it comes to my phone, I’m a basic bitch. I should be able to survive without yet. I’m addicted to my phone… who knew!?!?  

One thought on “That moment when…”

  1. When my kids were little, every particle and atom of my life revolved around them. I was always okay with that. I had been a selfish kid and me, being a mom, taught me how to put others first. I wouldn’t say it was 24/7 stay at home mommy bliss though. I feel that my identity as Ianna, as an individual grew non-existent and that led to some serious blues. Eventually the kids got older and I start taking back who I am, aside from mom, and now I balance between the two.

    So I think tattoos, music, and concerts are a perfect way to spend your free time – there’s nothing childish about it. Those are ways that keep you as you, the person who wears that mom apron so to speak.

    I actually dropped my phone when it was not in its case because I was listening to Pandora. I have a Bluetooth cannon to blare my tunes in the kitchen at work and an aux cord so I can play it on my car’s stereo . The Bluetooth on the cannon glitches for some reason when the phone is in its case, which is why my phone wasn’t better protected.

    The Man took my phone apart today and tried adjusting somethings. He thought I might have knocked the screen cable loose. It was worth a shot, but my phone is still busted. Going to replace it tomorrow. The Man made a jerk comment about me getting a down grade and buying a better case with the difference, but no! I want the exact model I broke. I want to be 100% positive my SIM card fits otherwise I’m screwed.

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