Thursday April 13th

I made a huge mistake last night. I got really drunk. I hate myself for it. It’s 9:38 and I don’t have a hangover because I’m still drunk. I spent way too much money. Ugh. I need to not drink at all. Really. Every time I make a fool out of myself alcohol is usually involved. Please help me stop. 

I have a phone job interview at 10. 

I am going to take another 1/2 of a xanax as soon as the phone interview is over. I am freaking out. Panicking 

One thought on “Thursday April 13th”

  1. Hope all went well! When I drink too much, I start to feel like my head is spinning and my vision is acting up. That is when I know that I have reached my limit. Drinking is not that bad, you just have to figure out what is your limit and all will be fine.

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