Got up at 10 something. Ate, showered, got dressed and put some mascara on. Went to see my gynaecologist to talk about birth control, in vain though, because the nurse had just locked the office when I got there. Got home, scrolled through Instagram, decided to do my makeup.

I was plucking my eyebrows when I got a text from my (ex) anorexic friend, who we will conveniently call Ana from now on (I may have called her that before in this diary. I don’t remember), saying that she was going to kill herself. In order not to look like a complete and utter asshole, I went to see her right away. When we met, her cheeks were red. She was holding a pack of Marlboro in one hand and her rose-gold iPhone 6 in the other. I hugged her. We went to this hill nearby. The weather was lovely. I did most of the talking. To myself I sounded as though I was some 100-year-old wiseman which made me cringe. After an hour or so, we had to get going. She had to go home for lunch and I had to go pick a birthday present for Mum with Grandma.

I got to the building where she lives and realised that she had gone somewhere by car. I called her and she picked me up. Finally we were at the shopping centre. Ran into Vilma. Grandma picked out an ugly vase and chandelier for Mum. Then I started to sulk because she didn’t even mention my birthday present which she had said we would go look for. Anyway, we visited a currency exchange shop, then a hair salon. There we asked how much it would cost to get my hair dyed back to brown. When the lady said £21, gran ran out of the salon and said she would dye my hair herself. She took me home where I sulked for about 30 minutes.

Mum took me to the salon where we set an appointment for tomorrow. Thank God. We also went to a shop and got Colgate, Rexona, Kleenex, and other toiletries for my trip. Then we went to Grandma’s AGAIN. It was to get £10 for my birthday present (which I’m spending on the hairdo) and so I could have somewhere to wait while Mum was getting her moustache or something lasered off. Grandma and I went to Grandpa’s and asked him for £20 which we then exchanged to bloody euros. Anyway, I got home, browsed for exchange offices, went around town to find some fucking korunas (the Czech currency) which I couldn’t find anywhere, except for a bank which only had a 2000-note. That’s equivalent to approximately £60 so I’ll be splitting that with one of the girls I’m sharing a room with in Prague.

Had vegetarian pizza, put the laundry to wash, played the piano a little bit, watched a live-stream on Instagram, bathed with some fucking  French soap listening to things like Mask Off and Bad and Boujee. Ha-ha Bath and Boujee.

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