Here is a short intro to what I hope this journal will do for me. My username is LivingLife2017 as I would like to stay anonymous. Currently I’m living in the same home I’ve lived in for 18+ years, however I am in the process of being evicted by my own family nonetheless. I am 25 years old female who finished my bachelors in criminal justice in August 2016, but work retail. I’m taking the steps to create this blog, journal, diary, whatever you want to call it because I feel I want, no need, to share my life to the world. I’m not saying my life is the worst and I’m not the best writer, but I do feel this will be therapeutic and I would love to hear others opinions, different points of view, on certain topics if they so happen to read my posts.

Thank you <3 LivingLife2017


P.s. I’m new to this therefore I dont know where to start and what to do so please bare with me.

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