Day 14 – 30 Days of Kindness

Today was a busy and very fulfilling day. I enjoyed a morning walk after last night’s thunderstorm. The air was humid and warm; the world felt fresh and clean….but the wind still raged so we cut it short.  I got crazy and cleaned my entire house, washed my sheets and did laundry….oh and attended 3:00pm service, prepared a family dinner and now am snuggled in watching a movie. 

Good Friday is a solemn day so, for most of it, our home stayed quiet.  I remember my parents today and how quiet our house was on Good Friday; but only for one half hour was the tv allowed to be turned on, just to watch the 6:00pm news.  It’s a tradition I’m proud to carry on, the quiet prayer.

Where do you find kindness on a solemn day spent in quiet prayer and reflection?  You find it within yourself.  You find it when you kneel at 3:00pm to remember Jesus’ death, when your family loves your dinner and cleans up after, when your baby girl snuggles with you while you watch a movie and when your friends text you in a group conversation and tell you they love you.  Kindness fills my heart. ❤


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