Journal Day 172 – I’m now the 91st fastest typer in the world

Thursday, April 13th 2017

Today is another day. I did some typeracer this morning and got 159 WPM. Is that good enough? No. Nothing below 160.

~40 minutes later…

I managed to get over 160 a few times, and just stopped 169 WPM. I did it for around an hour, and I’m done. I wanted to breach 180 WPM, but I need more practice apparently. I also recorded it on video which I will upload later tonight and link it here as well. (Here is the link:

I did some homework this morning. It turns out I freaking missed an assignment! Wtf. I thought it was due tonight as in Thursday night, but it turns out it was due last night, as in Wednesday night! What the heck. It wasn’t that way in my previous class. But anyway, I wrote a ‘learning’ journal, which is another class assignment, and this is what it says:

This is my learning journal for the week. One thing I want to write about first is that I missed out on the first programming assignment. That is a huge hit. I thought it was due on Thusrday at 11:55 PM like my previous programming class, but apparently not. I did not see that change in time. It was due on Wednesday at 11:55 PM, I like to believe that I was tricked, but it was my fault for procrastinating until the last day, and it was my fault I didn’t scrutinize the time more closely.

Overall this week I learned a lot by reading the materials. There is a lot to read through so I still haven’t read through everything, but I got netbeans installed, ran my first helloworld, did a JUNit Test, and a few other things. All of these were first times to me, and I’m getting to understand Java a little bit better as these days go on.

I know Python, and it is completely different from Java. Inside of Java, apparently you can only create one class per .java file, at least to my understanding. I tried creating a separate new class inside of a .java file that already had a class, and it basically told me to create a new .java file. This might mean that in the future, I will basically be having a bunch of separate .java files and I’m going to get lost in all that code.

Java is also not very intuitive in my opinion. It takes quite a few lines of code to do the same exact thing that you could do in Python in just a line or two. That’s very surprising to me. But after running some for loop tests, and yeah I was able to write a for loop already, I believe the speed is much faster than Python. It was just able to come up with the numbers near instantaneously, which is similar to Python, but to me it just felt a lot faster inside of Java.

Java is still a bit confusing, at least I know how to write a class now:

     public class name { }

and I know how to write a method:

     private static void main(String[] args) { }

I still don’t know exactly what ‘void’ means, and I don’t know what the ‘String[]’ represents either. Another thing I don’t understand is the ‘static’ part, which I’ve read a description of already, it’s just I don’t understand it that well.

I also went through some online tutorials on how to get input from the user. In the tutorial that I found online, you import this utility called: java.util.Scanner, and then you create a new scanner object by doing:

Scanner user_input = new Scanner(;

I find that syntax so confusing because you use Scanner twice. It’s like saying “int test = new int”, which I guess makes sense, but in the above example with the scanner, it just felt odd writing. Afterwards you gather the user’s input by doing something like:

String username;

System.out.print(“Enter your username: “);

username =;

And then you type on the keyboard an entry. You can literally do this in Python with just one line by doing something like:

username = input(“Enter your username: “)

But in Java you have to write many lines just to get the same result. In my opinion it is not as intuitive, but at the same time, it is more logically sound. It gets you to think because if you want to do something simple, you’re gonna have to try hard.

Overall I thought this week was good, I learned a LOT. However, I regret that I wasn’t able to do the programming assignment which really sucks.

When typing at a high level things go in slow motion, sort of. You don’t have full control of your fingers when you’re typing at fast speeds. It’s more like you are thinking of the word, or reading the word(s) that you are going to type, and your fingers are unleashed and they start to type at phenomenal speeds without much other thoughts or control.

This is similar to driving. When you drive at over 100 MPH, you don’t have full control of the vehicle. For sure you can steer a little bit one direction, and a little bit another direction, but you don’t have full control of every single foot or inch that you travel across. You don’t even have control about exactly which pebbles that you drive over or potholes that you go across. You sacrifice control for speed.

Typing is also thinking. How fast you think and how fast you react to new information influences your typing speed. Before this word is even typed up, I am already several sentences ahead of what I am going to type next. Of course since I’m writing a journal entry and I’m not copying any text, I’m probably only one or two sentences at the most ahead of what I am currently writing about.

Work was normal. Not even going to write about it.

At home I watched more DurianRider YouTube videos, and I recorded a few videos myself. I have so many YouTube video ideas now it is insane! I have at least 3 videos recorded and lined up, just have to edit them and then upload.

I did another 176 WPM tonight. I am also now the 91st fastest person on the entire website. I’m in the top 100 out of millions of people. I can pretty much claim I’m the 91st fastest person in the world, although it’s not definitive, this is perhaps the most popular typing website on the Internet, and I am the 91st fastest person on there, so I can claim I’m the 91st fastest in the world but it may not be 100% accurate.

I am really tired and sleepy, and want to go to sleep. So that is it for my day guys. Nothing more to add. Please visit my channel and watch the videos and subscribe if you haven’t yet. I only have 7 subscribers so far. I destroy in typing, like, easily. I’m probably going to be the fastest person you’ll see on Youtube, so subscribe if you enjoy what you see.


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