Passing time until someone passes.

So, the past week or so has been slightly stressful, but I manage to get by.  It seems death is in my life as of late and in the future.  A client I work with passed away on Tuesday and one of my favorite clients is very close to passing away, and my mother in law was given two weeks to two months to live due to cancer has spread all over her body now.  She’s a walking skeleton right now and she threw a fit at all of us to go home. She can’t do anything for herself, but she made her sister bring her home. Now she’s mad at all of us because none of us are able to take care of her 24/7.  Like, I understand she’s ill and she doesn’t have much time, but she should have stayed at the hospital because all of us have jobs we HAVE to be at. Just because I work nights, doesn’t mean I can stay up 24 hours a day every day to help her during the day. She says I can take a nap here and there, but she’s so talkative and wants all this stuff done in the house she doesn’t let me sleep.  She says we don’t care about her because we can’t be there.  My husband just started a new job and he CAN’T be taking time off to help…we can’t afford him to lose his job again.  Her sister can’t take time off her job. Her husband is ill as well and she has to work to stabilize life for the both of them too. 
Her daughter, one of my ex best friends/Sister in law, was pushing for her mom to let her come and live in the house with her when she first got sick a few months ago.  Now that she needs someone to be with her all the time, Leah doesn’t want to come down.  Says if she even comes here, she will only be here for two weeks and will leave.  We all know all she wants from her mom is her stuff when she passes away. My husband has the deed to the house, but when his mom passes he is just going to take what he wants, give his Aunt what she would like or  any other family member, besides Leah, what they want and he’s going to send the deed to the house right back to his cousins and say it’s their problem now. 
They kept pulling my mother in laws chain for years about the deed to the house.  Her brother lived in the house, which was her childhood home, and when he passed away he gave his kids the house.  They were young still so she asked their mom to live in it. So she lived in it for years and when the kids got old enough they didn’t want it because they weren’t going to live in the house or in the town, but they didn’t ever want to give up the deed.  Just a year ago, My mother in law- Patty, was going to get a lawyer to get this deed since she’s been living in it for years and has been renovating it.  Well, one of the kids wanted money for it, but also said he didn’t know where the deed was and he kept playing that card.
Well, they heard Patty was very sick and was close to passing away.  Guess what.  They showed up at the hospital and gave her the deed and said she could have the house. What the hell she gonna do with it now that she isn’t going to live a whole lot longer.  No one wants the house, no matter how much Patty wants one of the kids to live in it. Well, Leah might take it, but Nate isn’t going to let Leah have it.
I’ve just learned to stay out of it, but the whole situation pisses me off and I can’t stand the family half the time. They are more full of drama than my own family and I have a nephew in jail in Oklahoma for drugs and I have random issues with my mom and sister, but that family always seems to make nothing into something.
I feel bad for my husband that his mother is sick and is going to pass away, but I cannot find sympathy for her. She tells Nathan she has things for me to have and she likes me so much…but I can’t find any ounce of kindness to give to her after she abused her dog. Whatever. 
Less than two weeks for me to spend with my kittens though. They are getting so big…and they are so rambunctious. <3  They keep me going though…really. I’ve been doing many protection prayers for them in their new homes. I only hope they are all safe for the rest of their life. <3 
Little Otter

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