being intrusive with amish boys.

i got the best news ever. 

i applied for a chemical engineering program in the nuclear engineering department in the college of chemistry for uc berkeley and i ACTUALLY GOT 1 OF ONLY 13 AVAILABLE POSITIONS! LIKE OMFG!!!! YEESSSSSS. There were several dozens of applications submitted, probably more than 100 and i got 1. 😀 😀 😀 i get to study and work under a nobel / mentor / professor Yuan T. Lee. like omg is this real? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

i called my parents thats how exited i was! lol 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

i am so fucking excited! i am soooooooo happy. i have promised the universe , that in order to thank it for sending me this awesome opportunity, i will sacrifice my entire summer, and my plans to spend the summer in italy/Corsica with my parents, and instead i will stay at uc boulder and take calculus 3 during summer. yes. i have to do something to even out the balance of awesomeness that is currently happening in my life. i think this would work out fine, i currently have an A in calculus 2 and with effort, but im not killing myself. ive always been really really good at math, numbers are just so easy for me. but chemistry is my one true love, and if i were to pass calculus 3 at uc boulder BEFORE entering berkeley in the fall then i dont have to take it over there. and my fall semester would only have to focus on 2 physics classes; physics 3 (electricity and magnetism) and physics 4 (optics and modern physics). since i already passed physics 1 (mechanics of solids) and physics 2 (mechanics of fluids, heat, and sound) both of which i was 5% in my class. not to brag, but im fucking bragging because i busted my ass and i also sacrificed my entire summer in order to pass those classes back to back. its more of a brag on my commitment to hardwork. 

im sooooooooooOOOOOOOO happy. i hope i can finish by BS in chemical engineering in less than 3 years. probably not. but at least less than 4. thats my ultimate goal. i emailed the berkeley counselors and administrators and ive had conference calls/emails with both of them. they both told me its not necessary to take calculus 3 during summer. but they dont fucking know me. italy can wait. calculus cannot. literally i cant lose this summer. this summer could be the difference between graduating in 2 or 3 years. 

anyway. ive been meeting up with my partner ashton for the european ethno project, it turns out i was right! as always 😀 he is amish. well he explained to me that he’s actually raised amish, but he isnt amish. at first i didnt understand the difference. he said that he was raised in an amish family, his family drove the horse and buggy, made their own clothing, lived without electricity, and attended the old order amish church. but he explained to me that while his family is amish, he isnt. he said that when amish people turn 16 they are given the choice to join the church or not. and he said joining the church means being baptized and that is “truly amish”. but he didnt choose to join the church so therefore he is not amish. 

and since i was already being intrusive i figured i might as well ask him, i asked him if his family “banished” him since he didnt join the church. and he said no. he said that he could only be ‘shunned’ if he had joined the church and later abandoned the church, then he would be shunned. but he said that because he never joined he could still live with his family and live with the amish but not at church and sometimes he is an outsider by social standards when public functions happen.  and i asked him if his family lives in colorado or Pennsylvania, and he said that his family is living in pennsylvania but that only his immediate family and his uncles family is living there and the rest of his amish family is living in germany. and interestingly enough i found out that he is an immigrant. he said that his entire family (his dad’s and his uncle’s family) immigrated to the US. so he was born in northern germany and moved to pennsyilvania when he was ten years old. he said that his family in germany is also amish. then i was more interested because i didnt know amish people existed in europe anymore. and he told me that amish people do exist in europe but it is more scarce now than ever before to be amish in europe. and he told me that his father and uncle are missionaries and thats why they moved the family to the us. 

all of this time im thinking thats pretty cooool. then i asked him if his parents got angry that he went to college instead of joining the church. but he said that they arent angry. but that they are not happy either. so thats kinda sad that he had to pick between a close family/community congregation or a higher education. so then i asked him if he believed in god and was religious………reflecting on it now i think this might have crossed the intrusive line…..but he was kind to answer. he said he is religious and he does believe in god and devote time to prayer and contemplation. im soooo nosy i know.

but then he asked me if i was religious or if my family were christian. and i had to laugh out loud. i didnt mean to. and now im thinking it probably came off as rude, offensive, and mocking tone. but it was a knee jerk reaction to MY PARENTS BEING RELIGIOUS. i told him….nope. they are atheists and i was never baptized. lol. i thought he was going to be weird but he was really nice. i am so nosy i know! iknow! i know! he’s just so gentlemanly and refined, and he speaks with equal amounts of passion and patience.  im not use to people, especially the guys on this campus being anything but party animals, hipsters, or liberal cry baby SJWs. 

its a whole other world. 

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