Day 414 – Cleaning and streaming

Friday, April 14th 2017

Today was full of productivity.

I went through my bookshelf and pulled out things that were no longer needed or that I wanted to put somewhere else than my room. I found quite a few nostalgic things, such a bakugans and drawings.

Later on, I moderated the server for quite a while before eating supper then streaming with one of the owners. We got people on the server to suggest us things to draw. We did a purple cat with pokedots, a Pokemon fusion (I did Jirachi and Darkrai), then hippos with floaties in a landscape (that one ended terribly, since I had a time limit and I never drew hippos, so had no idea what to do at first). It was fun though and let me expirement with different tools in the program.

Megg contacted me for our weekly talk, but I’ve just had a sore throat all day and I’m tired from the streaming, so I asked to move it tomorrow. I need to step away from screens and rest so tomorrow my throat feels better, since I’m going out.

That’s all for today.

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